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The Organized Chaos Called Power Aerobic

Friday, April 20, 2012 by kivaa

Imagine an aerobic class in a gym. It is called Power Aerobic.

The instructor is male-- quite short even for Indonesian, dark olive skin with glistening sweat on a toned muscled body with blonde dyed curly hair on his head. Very high spirited, I can tell you that. And has an endless compilation of sexy perky moves.

The music is damn loud. You can even feel the beat pumps your blood. It goes through your feet, your vein, your head and through the heart. The perky instructor keeps on moving rapidly while shouting wildly like a headless chicken.

In the front row, stands the steady follower of this aerobic guru. They are very perky and high spirited as well. And knew all the moves by heart and sometimes they are shouting also.

In the middle row are the people with enough energy and spirit to do the exercise, but a bit lost about the moves. And they stuck there with nowhere to go. It's not a good position because once the group is getting hot and wild, you must really be watch your step. If not, you might get smacked by the person standing next to you.

On the back row are the guys. One angmoh guy and this chinese middle aged guy. As expected, they are absolutely clueless about the moves but keep on grinning the whole time like mad.

On the far side, near the exit, is me and some other latecomers who are interested in joining the commotion and want to know what is it all about. But also needed a quick exit just in case things are going a bit uncomfortable for us. Or its just my feeling. :)

Anyway, this is my first time trying the class.

The moves are difficult for me to follow, but the music keeps on pumping my blood and the shouting-- I must shamefully admit, it gets me excited as well. So I just keep on moving. I just want to move because the beat gets into my blood and I don't care about the instructor's.

And I can see that's what's most class member are thinking also. We are jumping, moving left and right and front and back, twirling and jumping back and forth again; put our hands up the air, to the right, to the left, swirl some more, move our hands like mad.

We just want to move and that's it.

In the room now looks like some kind of synchronized dance madness happening.

And seeing this madness makes me want to laugh. The faster the music, the louder the screaming, the more asynchronous we've become. It's chaotic but at least most of us won't give up and still try to keep up with the instructor's steps, though still failing horribly..

Anyway, it's a great fun. I don't feel tired at all. It's just later when I sat down, I feel my sweat dripping. And today, I feel my body is aching everywhere. But then I think I will do it again next week. :)

Stay healthy people !!

Days in Jakarta & List of Things To Do Before I Die

Saturday, March 31, 2012 by kivaa

3 months in Jakarta, still haven't got the perfect rithym and order in my life just yet, but I think things are looking good.

For one, I exercise regularly now. Which is something that I've been wanting to do since a long time ago. And Carrefour is just 150 meter away which is a great thing ^^ and I learn how to cook which will reduce our food expenses, so its a double HOORAY!! And I shop less!! Which is damn AWESOMEE!! Although the temptation of online shopping is very hard to resist..

So overall, my days in Jakarta has been well spent. ^^ But I still think that I need to increase its quality..

Anyway, yesterday I started watching this Korean Drama called Scent of a Woman. It's about a girl who suddenly diagnosed with cancer and only have 6 months to live. And the thought of having only 6 months to live really change her. And I thought of my own life and started thinking, what if I only have 6 months to live?

So here goes my list. Not a very exciting and adventurous list, I'm afraid. But its mine ^^.

1. Read the Koran, the entire 30 chapters, even its only the Indonesian translation.

2. Read the Hadits app I just download.

3. Memorize at least 10 short surahs.

My short surahs collection is VERY small

4. Do some act of kindness at least 3 times a day to other people than my husband. Of course bcs I'm always nice to him ^^

5. Wakaf/ donate a piece of land for mosque or orphanage.

6. Umrah & travel to its surrounding countries

So those are my TOP priorities. I also have a short list of things with less priority, and here it goes :

1. Learn Mandarin.

2. Learn to make an Android App.

3. That's all I can think for now. :)

So you see, a very short and unambitious list. But if I know in advance that I will die in 6 months, those are the things that I MUST do before the day. ^^

So what's the connection between my days in Jakarta and this to do list? Well, nothing. :) I simply want to make full use of my life, be somebody and be a blessing in other people's life.

Have a great weekend people!! ^^

Favourite Quote from Mario Teguh

Sunday, October 24, 2010 by kivaa

Just browse thru FB and found this status for Mario Teguh's FB page :

Bersabarlah dan tetaplah setia
kepada yang benar.

Tuhan tak akan membiarkan
jiwa kesayangan-Nya sepertimu
...menderita lebih lama dari
kemampuanmu tuk mengatasinya.

Engkau jiwa yang baik,
yang sedang bersedih,
tetapi yang tetap setia memikirkan
hanya yang baik,
merasakan hanya yang baik,
dan melakukan hanya yang baik,
karena sadar bahwa Tuhan
selalu mengamatimu.

Apa lagikah rencana Tuhan,
selain memuliakanmu?


Be patient and stay faithful
to do the righteous things.

God will not let
His favorite soul like you
... Suffer longer than
your ability to cope.

Thou good soul,
which is sad,
but who remain faithful to think
only good things,
just a good feeling,
and do only good,
knowing that God
always watch over you.

What more in God's plan,
besides to glorify you?


Be happy people! :)

On Hate and Grudges

Friday, July 30, 2010 by kivaa

As usual, I went facebook-stalking, and the blog-stalking :D
Then I stumbled into this one blog belonged to this one person who clearly have a sad case of negativity and hatred.

And it's really sad. Almost pathetic.
And it makes me wonder.

Why does people likes to hold on their hatred and grudges?
Did they enjoy being imprisoned by their own creations and not being able to let go?
Does it give them some sort of satisfaction when their hate and grudge grew to be some sort of cancer in their souls?
Did they have a limitless source of energy so they can burn it all on their anger?

These are the things that I just don't understand. People gets angry. Yes. We sometimes hate also. Yes. But we're supposed to control those evil feelings and don't let them rule us.

We have to let those feelings go and don't let it stand in the way of our happiness.

By reciting those hatred, anger or disappointment, towards something/ somebody over and over again, you'll turn it into reality and makes it even worse and bigger than its actual size.

If you feed on it, it will grow and eat you alive.
Surely it's not how you want to live the days of your life?

Just give it a rest, let it go and focused on your own happiness for goodness sake! -_-'

Great Singapore Sale & Shopping High

Saturday, July 03, 2010 by kivaa

I rarely shop on clothes or electronics. I usually "splurges" on food and books. But since I have my e-book reader, it's just food and food then.

But in this so-called "Sale" season, I allow myself to splurge a bit on apparels. Starting with 1 pants, and then 1 super comfy shoes ;) and another pants (same model, different color, Geez!!). And now I'm aiming for another pants and a few basic tops. Also since last week I've been inspired to buy a small bag (Goodness me :P), and maybe a few working shirt..

I'm shamefully uncontrollable!! :(

Seems like after I allow myself to spend on one thing, it feels like I'm on a high. I'm on a huge roll and feel like I NEED to buy something else. That's why usually I avoid malls as much as I can, as I don't want to spend too much on unnecessary things and always keep my priorities on check. But I guess once I unleash the shopping devil inside of me, it will need one hell of a self restraint and discipline to put it back on leash..

On Understanding

Saturday, June 12, 2010 by kivaa

We can say a prayer all of our lives and never knows the meaning.
We can sometimes know the meaning but never really understands it.
We can sometimes understand the meaning but never feel it touches our hearts.
We can sometimes feel that we're able to know and feel it in our heart, but turns out it's not even one tenth of it.

It amazes me to think that sometimes people can spend their entire life thinking that they understands something without ever knowing that they don't understand it at all.

May Allah lift the veils of limitations in our 5 senses and 6 directions and grant us all a clear heart and clear mind to be able to truly see, feel and understands as much as our weak human mind, body and soul can take..


Allah Must Be Very Busy

Sunday, April 18, 2010 by kivaa

I sent out my thoughts and prayers to Allah.

And so does billions of other people; and even trillions of those sent by djinns, animals, plants, microbes.. Every living, breathing being in this universe pray to Allah. So Allah must be very busy. But yet He keeps on listening. And watching. And warmed your heart just by remembering His names. Because He loves you, and He will never ever desert you.

Countless of prayers and hopes sent out everyday, and yet not even one is overlooked or neglected. If you feel like you're being ignored, it means He has other plans for you. Wether to test your faith, or to be patient, or to teach you to embrace His will, because His plan for you will be much more beautiful than your own. He sees, He listen, and He knows what's on your mind and what's troubling you, for He is closer to you than you own vein.

So have faith, and never give up. But when the time comes for you to actually given up, be grateful. Because Allah has given you a chance to make a new start, and carved a new beautiful path in your life.